Monday, July 13, 2009

What Has happened to inspired Retailers

Like most of us in the wine business I check prices and what is on line. I have been disgusted by the fact that so many retailers post the same tasting notes. Most of the times it is from one of the wine publications or from the winery website. I do not mean to throw stones, but I will. Where has the passion gone? I know all to well how hard it is to run a store and remain passionate. It is herculean effort somedays just to keep a smile on your face. I am guilty of this type of laziness so I do not mean to insult anyone. I just feel that we, as retailers, have become complacent, dependant on numeric scores and have come to believe that the public can not or will not think for themselves. I have seen that most people, or at least those who shop in my store are looking for something different. I see people everyday, well almost everyday that restore my passion. I see people who love wine and no matter if they are just getting into wine or they have had the bug for years they are filled with passion and that is what we, the retailers, need to tap into. Tasting notes give people an idea about what we think, and that is important. This is me throwing down the gauntlet, this is a call to all retailers to stop relying on scores and tasting notes from a few self appointed wine gods and show your customers the passion they expect and deserve.

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